FPO – Membership Registration

Members can choose to purchase a North membership or a South membership.

Regular Membership

Cost – $ 65.00

Restricted to all regular and volunteer members of municipal, county, state and federal fire suppression and fire prevention agencies, and other governmental agencies. Renewals of Regular Memberships are $55.00.

Retired Membership

Cost – $ 35.00

Open to those persons who have held regular membership in Nor Cal and are honorably retired from their department or agency. Renewals of Retired Members are $25.00.

Associate Membership

Cost – $ 100.00

Open to fire protection engineers and to any other person interested in, and in accord with the aims and purposes of Nor Cal. Among our Associate Members are fire protection consultants, sprinkler industry representatives, alarm industry representatives, fire protection equipment manufacturing representatives, and many similar organizations. Retired members who represent any fire related business are classified as Associate Members. Renewals of Associate Memberships are $90.00.

Student Membership

Cost – $ 35.00

This is a non voting membership open to those persons interested in, and actively seeking employment in the fire service by enrollment in a curriculum leading towards a degree in Fire Service Technology. Dues for renewing Student Memberships are currently set at $25.00.