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Code Development Committee – Southern Division


Adria Reinertson
Riverside County Fire Department
(951) 955-5272

Mark Dossett
San Diego Fire-Rescue Department
(619) 533-4468

Kevin Reinertson
Riverside County Fire Department
(951) 955-5273

The South Code Development Committee meets on a monthly basis at the Orange County Fire Authority located at 1 Fire Authority Road in the City of Irvine. Regular participation includes dedicated individuals from as far north as Ventura and as far south as San Diego. This committee primarily focuses on the development and adoption of the California Fire, Building and Residential codes. The committee and our counterparts in northern California come together to propose changes to these codes and evaluate a myriad of proposals and public comments from all over the country, an average of 1500 proposals each code development cycle. Code committee members attend the ICC Code Development Hearings for the International Fire, Building and Residential codes to provide testimony as needed.

The committee also maintains a great working relationship with the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The committee tracks state rulemaking packages and provides feedback to the Office of the State Fire Marshal as necessary.

If you are interested in learning more or joining code committee, please contact a committee co-chair.