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Fire Code Committee – Northern Division


Tracy Dutter
Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Department
George Laing
Contra Costa County FPD

Suggestions or Ideas?

Have a code change proposal idea for California or Model Codes?

Have a suggestion or correction for the California Inspection Guide?

[email protected]

Fire Code Committee

You will find the Fire Code Committee to be an excellent way to stay informed, stay engaged, and participate in the code development process and other meaningful projects. We work closely with the State Fire Marshals office by attending meetings and actively involving ourselves in projects, task forces, and advisory committees for a variety of code related topics. Additionally, we participate in full in the ICC code development process by evaluating and writing code change proposals as well as attending code development and final action hearings across the country. We also recently took on the triennial project of maintaining the California Inspectors Guide.

With the change in the ICC code development process to a three year cycle our committee has been able to participate more on the State level. We have attended code adoption stakeholder meetings, Building Standards Commission meetings, and Code Advisory Committee meetings.

As with any work group we are always looking for dedicated professionals to be a part of our committee. As a committee member you will be better informed of local, state and national issues concerning fire codes. You will network with other professionals in the fire service as well as the private sector. As a participant, you and your organization can remain informed of the latest in fire code education and developments and take an active role in the development of codes and standards as they apply to your local needs.

In general, the Fire Code Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month usually in the morning via conference call. The need for monthly meetings is determined by the committee’s involvement in various projects and code development process timelines. Committee members also regularly attend the general membership meetings which are held at various locals in Northern and Central California. During the general membership meetings the fire code committee devotes approximately one hour to the discussion of fire code concerns and other related topics. Attendance and participation is the key to the committees’ success.

As a committee member you will first need to be a member of the Northern California Fire Prevention Officers Association (NorCal FPO). To become a NorCal FPO Association member please visit To become an active participant of the Fire Code Committee please contact Lori Jessell or George Laing at the contact information noted above.

In summary, we are dedicated to maintaining an active, effective and ongoing presence in ICC and State code development and other related activities through participation, submission, review, attendance, education and partnerships. As a committee we strive to be a part of the fire and life safety movement. And, as a member you will be proud to say that you were a part of it all. Get involved today. We look forward to working with you.