Charlie Gray Award

Chief Gray contributed his time and talents to the betterment of the Association by promoting fire and life safety through code development processes and throughout the community. As a tribute to his dedicated service, the Charles H. Gray Memorial Fund Service Award and Scholarship program was established. The goal of the fund is to promote, recognize and foster dedicated service in the field of Fire Prevention.  An annual award is granted to recognize a person who has exemplified the aforementioned goals.  Additional awards, scholarships, and grants are conferred as deemed appropriate by the Charles H. Gray Memorial Board of Directors.

Scholarships and grants are available through an application process. Successful proposals are ones that best meet the intent and guidelines of the foundation.

Proposals are accepted postmarked no later than December 31 annually. Scholarships and grants are awarded in March. To download an application, click here. For information contact:

Charles H. Gray Memorial Fund
c/o Morgana Yahnke, UC Davis Campus Fire Marshal
229 Hoagland Hall, One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530)752-5772
Fax: (530) 754-8184
Email:  [email protected]

1. How is someone nominated for the Charlie Gray Service Award?

  • In November of each year, written nominations for the NOR-CAL award are solicited from the general membership. The Board of Directors then selects a recipient or recipients for formal presentation during the month of January.

2. Who is eligible to receive a Charlie Gray Scholarship or grant?

  • Scholarships are awarded to a resident(s) of Northern California (All counties north of Kern and San Luis Obispo Counties and west of Mono and Inyo counties) whose educational endeavor is in the area of public fire education or fire safety.

3. When are scholarship awards given out?

  • Applications are accepted from June 1st until the end of December 31st each year. Awards are conferred by March 31st of the following year.

In This Section

Award Recipients

2014 Ray Bizal
2013 Morgana Yahnke
2012 Wes Arvin
2011 Kevin Reinertson
2010 Ken Wagner
2009 Lorin Neyer
2008 Rick Rodewald
2007 Forrest Craig
2006 Rick Terry
2005 Gene Gantt
2004 Doug Williams
2003 Tonya Hoover
2002 Fort Hartsfield
2001 Vernon Brown
2000 Steve Hart
1999 Joe Perry
1998 Dave Milanese
1997 Howard Hopper
1996 Mary Cornelison
1995 Joan Jennings
1994 Robert Kinney
1993 John Gillilan
1992 Robert Burns
1991 Gale Bate
1991 Kenneth J. Slamon, Jr.
1990 Darrell W. Harguth
1989 William Greene
1988 Lawrence Toellner
1987 James Luce
1986 James H. McLaughlin
1985 Charles H. Gray